The longstanding and broad-based regional diversity that enriches Germany so much culturally needs a contemporary update, via a dynamically and systematically executed digital creativity initiative.
This is the only way to preserve – and further democratize – Germany’s historically evolved cultural diversity that is almost unique worldwide.

Strategic Intervention Paper (SIP) by Markus Hilgert

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Deutschlandfunk interview with Markus Hilgert

  • Our work is dedicated to advancing democratic openness and accountability, equitable and environmentally sustainable economic growth, as well as values-based global cooperation
  • The mission of the Global Ideas Center is to act as a catalyst to help solve real problems which countries and societies face via “The Power of Comparisons”
  • “Strategic Intervention Papers” (SIPs) are the flagship publication of the Global Ideas Center. Ultimately, their goal is to assist countries in a better and more honest form of self-comprehension


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